Privacy rules

Privacy rules

This document is an integral part of the agreement concluded with our Clients. Company UploadCloud is obliged to comply with this integral part of the agreement in respect of all loads and downloading made by the Clients according to the law.


What my data is stored by Uploadcloud?

UploadCloud captures only that data which is necessary to open an account to you and manage it and which you will state by registration. This data will not be used for other purposes. We do not check your data as to reliability and Clients reserve the right to anonymity. UploadCloud takes all every possible measures for privacy against its loss, stealing, misuse, as well as against illegal access, disclosure, change and deletion by means of all possible administrative, technical and physical actions.


Will UploadCloud transfer information of Clients?

If we are obliged to transfer information of origin of a file according to the law, we will fulfill this obligation. Legal facts will be estimated individually in each separate case by our legal department. Without legal grounds any information will not be provided to any requesting authority. In any case the owner of the file will be informed of such facts to e-mail stated in the user profile.


Does UploadCloud monitor my stored files?

Confidentiality of personal data is an important, integral part of our service. Nobody can get access to your file without knowing full reference of downloading. This also refers to all UploadCloud employees. We do not have software scanning your files to get content and so on.


What data does UploadClous store about files which I load?

By each load the following data will be kept in addition to the file:

  • IP-address of the computer from which the load starts
  • load time stamp
  • to what account a file should be attached
  • file name
  • file size


Will UploadCloud transfer information of the files which the Client downloaded?

UploadCloud does not store this information. That is why we can not transfer this information to other even if we want.


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